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The Turf facts section of our website is made up of a variety of facts, tips, specifications, standards, collected from knowledgeable industry experts, all of them TGA approved members. Our experts are happy to share their wealth of knowledge and experience gained from years cultivating, growing, and supplying turf for professional and domestic customers. We are constantly seeking to improve standards through unity of purpose and the sharing of knowledge and new ideas.

Commonly found grasses

Cultivated or seeded turf is grown on arable land by specialist turf producers.…

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Have you got pink patches in your lawn?

What does red thread disease look like? Red thread disease is one of the most…

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Toadstools in your recently laid lawn?

It's common for brown toadstools or mushrooms to appear in new turf

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Brown or orange patches in your lawn?

Most established lawns contain some annual meadow grass

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Weed grasses in your lawn?

Annual meadow grass is one of the most widespread grasses in the world.

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Insects in your lawn?

Turf is one of the most natural products you can buy and so contains a vast…

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Benefits of turf to the environment

Turf is a unique ecosystem comprising not only the above-ground parts of the…

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Spring Don’t get caught out with early growth, keep an eye out for when you need to mow and make sure the blades on your mower are sharp, also give your turf some spring fertiliser. If you have bare areas you can over-seed or patch up. You might neeed to scarify to get rid of moss and thatch. If your lawn has yellow or bare patches you can apply a fertiliser to aid growth. Seasonal Turf Care Summer Established lawns do not require watering, remember brown lawns are cool. Summer fertilising can be important, if your grass needs it and try to keep on top of your mowing, go green and compost your clippings. Seasonal Turf Care Seasonal Turf Care Autumn Clear leaves and tree debris to avoid a patchy lawn and watch out for brown patches this could be an indication of a fungal disease, if fungal disease is found seek advice from your local garden centre or a local advisor. Don’t mow if your lawn is waterlogged and apply fertiliser to your lawn to ensure it has enough nutrients. Winter This is a good chance to take a well-deserved rest. You could take this opportunity to redefine your turf edges. Watch out for brown patches this could be an indication of a fungal disease, if fungal disease is found speak to your local garden centre, or a local advisor. Let snow clear naturally to prevent damage to your lawn. Seasonal Turf Care