The Turfgrass Growers Association recently held its Autumn Meeting, with 40 of our grower and affiliate members coming together for an exciting two-day program.


Day 1

JCB Factory Tour

Our meeting began with a tour of the JCB factory, providing the TGA membership with a fascinating glimpse into JCB’s history and production line. We were honoured to witness the entire production process firsthand, from the delivery of sheet steel, profiling, laser cutting, and the paint shop to assembly and the final product being driven off the ramp for delivery. The sheer scale of the operation was eye-opening!

Presentations at St George’s Park

The late afternoon was spent at St George’s Park, the home of English football. Here, TGA members enjoyed informative presentations from Rollrasen/Vmow, Firefly Automatix, Barenbrug, Campey, Van Mac, DLF, and Agrigem. Their product updates and company news were greatly appreciated by all attendees.

Evening Dinner

Day 1 concluded with a three-course dinner, offering a great opportunity to catch up with industry colleagues and friends, both new and old. A special shoutout to Ollie Wright and Agrigem for generously sponsoring £500 at the bar – a gesture thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Day 2

The second day included a personal guided tour of the St George’s Park facilities. The insights into the work involved in maintaining top-quality pitches were truly fascinating. We would like to extend our thanks to Andy Grey for his detailed and engaging tour.

Overall, the Autumn Meeting was a great success, providing valuable industry insights and fostering strong community connections.