November 2022

In light of recent positive developments, including the RHS banning synthetic turf from the Chelsea Flower Show and other RHS venues, the Turfgrass Growers Association (TGA) is taking proactive steps to address the concerns surrounding plastic turf netting in our industry.

New Standards for TGA Certified Turf

We are pleased to announce an update to our standards: TGA certified turf must now be free of plastic netting. Growers who continue to use plastic netting can still do so, but they will not be able to sell their turf under the TGA marque and must be transparent with consumers about their use of plastic netting.

Goal for 2025: Complete Removal of Plastic Netting

The TGA has initiated discussions with our members to explore the feasibility of entirely removing plastic turf netting from all TGA standard turf by 2025. To support this transition, we are providing education and resources to members who wish to move away from using plastic netting but may lack the necessary knowledge or resources.

Researching Alternatives and Sustainable Solutions

We are actively researching alternative methods to improve crop yields for growers and are exploring the development of a fully biodegradable turf netting system. We plan to collaborate with plastic turf netting companies to investigate this possibility.

Commitment to Sustainability

Our goal is to ensure the UK turfgrass industry remains sustainable and futureproofed for the needs of consumers while contributing to environmental conservation. Natural turfgrass offers numerous environmental benefits, such as reducing urban heat, preventing water runoff and flash flooding, sequestering carbon, producing oxygen, and promoting health and well-being.

Call for Collaboration

We are keen to learn how other associations are addressing plastic use and becoming more plastic-aware. We are also open to potential collaborations to further these efforts.

For more information or to discuss potential collaborations, please contact us. Together, we can work towards a more sustainable future for our industry and our planet.