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TGA & other turf industry events

TGA Webinar-Sustainable Grasses for Turf Production - 19th August 4pm.



“Sustainable Grasses for Turf Production” with Dr David Greenshields

19th August 4pm

The webinar will examine in detail Barenbrug’s role as a global grass seed breeder in the research and development of new grass varieties to offer improvements in performance and sustainability specific to turf production in the UK.


To join the webinar please contact 

Dr David Greenshields

David Greenshields is Amenity Product Manager for Barenbrug UK.  He has worked for Barenbrug for ten years in a variety of sales, R&D and management roles.  David particularly enjoys seeing a new cultivar through final trials before coming to market and advising top sports facilities on grass seed usage.  David's background was in academia - he has a PhD. in Plant Genetics from Edinburgh University and a Master's degree in Environmental Biology from St Andrews University.  In his spare time he tries in vain to hang onto a decent golf handicap whilst "managing" family life with two young daughters and a border collie