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9 July 2015, South East Water promote Brown Lawns

Press release from South East Water.

Don't frown if your lawn goes brown!

A garden sprinkler uses as much water in one hour as a family of six uses in a day. This fact from South East Water is intended to make gardeners think before using sprinklers.
Water use in gardens can soar from six per cent to 70 per cent in warm weather, with high demand for water mostly caused by garden watering.

While people need to keep hydrated in the heat, brown lawns are more resilient and will soon recover when it next rains.

Lee Dance, Head of Water Resources at South East Water, said: “In this hot weather it is important to keep yourself and the plants that need the water hydrated – but leave the lawn to look after itself. Nature is a wonderful thing and it will bounce back when the rain returns.
“Our reservoirs and aquifers are at their expected levels for this time of year but the increase in demand on hot days places short-term strain on our network of pipes, pumping stations and treatment works, which work round the clock to deliver top quality drinking water to customers’ taps.”

This plea not to water grass has been backed by turf experts at the Turfgrass Growers Association. Chief Executive, Tim Mudge said: “Our message to home owners is not to worry if their lawn goes brown during the summer.

“Going brown is the natural survival mechanism of grass. It is remarkably resilient and lawns can survive long periods of dry weather which will revive when the dry spell ends.”
People looking for advice on how to use water wisely in the garden can visit for top tips.