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18 March 2012, TGA urges water companies to grant exemption for newly laid turf

The Turfgrass Growers Association (TGA) has written to the seven water companies that have announced hosepipe bans asking them to confirm a 28-day exemption for newly laid turf.

“The recent news about the impending ‘hosepipe bans’ is a huge concern for our members,” said its Chief Executive, Tim Mudge.

“We have written to all of the water companies who will be imposing restrictions in April. We have asked for urgent confirmation that they will grant exemptions for the watering-in of newly laid turf for the first 28 days, as laid out in Appendix 5 of the UWIR Code of Practice No 11/WR/33/3, which the TGA has worked hard to lobby for on its members’ behalf. We are pleased that South East Water has already confirmed the exemption and hope that the other companies follow their lead.”

The UK turf industry sells around 12,000 hectares of turf per year and, at a retail value of £3/square metre, is worth £360m to the UK economy. The TGA is a national association of companies involved in turf production and affiliated industries, such as machinery manufacturers and seed companies. It also includes stockists and distributors of turf.

“The TGA has worked with the water companies for several years to promote the responsible use of water during dry periods through our ‘Brown Lawns are Cool’ campaign,” he explains. “Our fact sheets on laying, establishing and maintaining lawns during water shortages hone in on the message that the watering of established turf is wasteful and in most instances, unnecessary. We hope they will recognise that turf makes a vital contribution to the environment, preventing rainfall run-off and assisting the replenishment of aquifers.”