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Trebro (UK) Ltd



Tel: 01759 388673

Trebro (UK) Ltd
Sand Lane
YO41 5PB

Turf producers worldwide are experiencing improved efficiency and significant cost-savings by utilising Trebro's industry-leading harvesters on their turf farms.  Millions of pallets of turf have been harvested using Trebro's revolutionary technology and that number grows every day.  The initial concept for our turf harvesters began back in 1990 on the Tvetene Turf Farm near Billings, Montana.  Having been a family-owned turf in the Yellowstone River Valley since 1978, we understood the production needs of turf growers and the importance of having reliable harvesting equipment that could get the job done in a limited turf season.  In 1990 as demand for our turf increased, we struggled to keep up with orders because of critical labour shortages.  Out of necessity, we took matters into our own hands and began designing an automatic turf harvester to meet our needs.  With our in-the-field experience, hard work ethic, and nine years of continual engineering and testing, we perfected the "AutoStack" as the industry's first successful automatic, stacking turf harvester.  With the machine finalised, we started Trebro Manufacturing, Inc. in 1999 and our first AutoStack's began rolling off the production line later that year.  The AutoStack was an instant success as turf producers around the world were eager to take advantage of its increased production, labour savings, and improved quality of finished turf pallets.

The AutoStack revolutionised the industry by allowing one man and one machine to easily cut and stack superior quality pallets without ever leaving the cab.  Since 1999 our product line has grown and we have sold almost 700 fully automated turf harvesters to producers in 22 countries around the world.  This success has made Trebro the most respected name in the turfgrass industry.  The equipment we build is durable, reliable, and highly productive, which will help you reduce labour costs and improve your bottom line.

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