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Hiab Limited



Tel: 01691 623 100

Fax: 01691 624 687

Hiab Limited
Cargotec Industrial Park,
Shropshire, SY12 9JW

Moffett invented the concept of truck-mounted forklifts more than 40 years ago, a load handling solution that has revolutionised how materials are distributed across the globe.

Today, the firm is the number one selling truck-mounted forklift company in the world, with high quality factory production processes in Ireland

Moffett has a powerful portfolio of advanced new machines, unparalleled sales and after-sales service, and also operates the fastest spare parts delivery network in the industry.

The company's range of truck-mounted forklifts is designed to suit most industries, types of terrain and logistics operations - enabling safer, faster and more cost-effective deliveries.