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Limagrain UK



Tel: 01522 861300

Fax: 01522 869703

Limagrain United Kingdom
Camp Road
Witham St Hughs

Quality Turf starts with Limagrain.

Seed Quality: The performance of our grasses in our turf range are not the only measure of quality of our seed. Minimum standards for germination and purity of seed are set by the EU and additionally, in the UK there is the more stringent test, the Higher Voluntary Standard. Using our own officially licensed laboratory we test all our seeds and mixtures for germination and purity to ensure that they exceed the Higher Voluntary Standard.

Headstart Seed Treatment: In the turf production business the time that can be saved by using Headstart can provide direct financial benefits to the turf grower, rapid uniform emergence of seeds leads to more even cover and quicker established sward. An important factor as this will help reduce the emergence and establishment of weeds and help provide a dense sward.